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In these days of tweets, facebook updates, and “Google Street View”; future buyers and sellers are much more informed than in previous years. The availability of general real estate data and specific information on homes on and off the market is staggering. I cannot imagine the years before the internet when heavy books were used to advise agents of the properties that were on and off the market. Finding homes is so much easier than it was before.

At the same time though, many of these large websites seriously lack in specific areas. Once a property has been found is when the real estate agent’s true colors shine. Comparables, offers, counter offers, accurate pricing, pricing to gain attention, negotiation, inspections, closing costs estimates, mortgages, and recommendations to respected companies and professionals.

With all this in mind, feel free to glance at this article “5 Ways big Data Is Changing Real Estate” on and let me know what you think.



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CT Aerial_Chicago_01.JPG

Emanual choose Goose Island as the site for the new Digital Manufacturing Institute; but what the heck is it?

I know Chicago is funding $10 Million, the State of Illinois is funding $16 Million, private companies are funding $250 Million, and the Department of Defense is funding $70 Million.

That totals $346 Million for the project. If you have a hard time grasping that amount of money, 346 Million is about the number of seconds between now, as you read this, and February 2025.

So what is it? It is a place to design and produce…things. Lets look at the companies involved to get an idea of what things:

General Electric, Rolls-Royce, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, Lockheed Martin and Dow Chemical Co., according to World Business Chicago.

So it looks like we are going to be making lots of airplane engines… In total, the White House said 41 companies and 23 labs or universities were involved in the bid for the federal funding.

Now that this is announced, the lunch places in the area should be booming.

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This place is AMAZING!!

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On a little website called Youtube there are numerous videos of remote control helicopters doing amazing stunts. Apparently these stunts aren’t all that difficult to perform when you are standing on the ground. Here is a great example:

He is basically turning the RC helicopter into a Dragonfly.


This weekend in Chicago during the Air and Water show.. A Aerobatic helicopter will be flying at its finest with Chuck Aaron, a helicopter stunt pilot. Apparently this pilot has mastered the art of not passing out while doing these stunts and with the help of Redbull moneys, he has outfitted his helicopter to the max and is going to do stunts this weekend over lake Michigan.

Needless to say; I’m excited.

Here is a preview of his tricks:

I always wondered why an energy drink costs 4 times as much as a soda.. now I know.


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USA Cycling's 2013 USPRO Criterium Championships



Basically my little brother is the best at riding around a few city blocks than anyone else in the US.

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US-world-economic-subprime-crisis-cause-reasonIncase you doubted that the real estate market, like all other markets, have recurring trends.. The popular 1990’s trend is back. Subprime mortgages. Basically it means getting a mortgage that has terms (interest rates, etc..) that are not as favorable as the current standard or current going rate. Why is this popular? Simply because people have bad credit after short sales and foreclosures. This “bad” loan will give them the funds and the chance to prove that they will pay the bank back for their borrowed funds. It gives the borrower the right to own a home when normally they wouldn’t be able to. Then in a few years the borrowers can refinance. Its a great solution for those many people who have had bad luck and were forced to have a short sale.

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Today the Sox played their Home opener beating the Kansas City Royal 1-0. Also today the Cubs played the Pittsburgh Pirates and won 3-1 in Pittsburgh. The Cubs home opener will be next Monday the 8th.

Cubs opener CT ct-spt-sox-royals-0402-chicago-034.JPG

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